Support in a safe, private and confidential group

The Parent Factor in ADHD is a 9-week programme for parent carers who have a child diagnosed with ADHD.

The programme starts with a pre-group meeting which allows the group participants to meet with the facilitator. This serves a number of functions, but most importantly it gives parents the opportunity to talk (as much or as little as they wish) about their experiences, including any concerns they may have.

Participants then attend a weekly series of eight, two-hour long sessions. Each session has specific aims and is led by a CBS facilitator.

For two of the sessions experts on education and ADHD medication, will be invited to provide their specialist knowledge and experience of ADHD. The sessions consist of group discussions/exercises, small group/pair exercises and utilise a variety of support materials such as information sheets, slide presentations, videos and practical activities.

Home activities are also incorporated into some of the sessions. The specific aims of each session following the pre-group meeting are as follows:

Session 1: To give parents relevant and understandable information about ADHD and how it can be treated.

Session 2: To facilitate parents to think about all the tasks involved in being a parent and then about the extra tasks there are if children are diagnosed as having ADHD.

Session 3: To look at different parenting styles and to think about which style we predominantly use and whether this is always the best choice

Session 4: To demonstrate to parents, the importance of good communication (talking and listening) and rewarding/reinforcing positive behaviour.

Session 5: To show how important feelings are and to show how they nearly always impact on behaviour.

Session 6: To give parents relevant and understandable information about the education system and their rights within it.

Session 7: To help parents think about the different ways people get attention and how the response they get can influence the way they get attention in the future.

Session 8: To review the programme and evaluate the group experience. To give out certificates and celebrate achievements with lunch provided.

Session 9: This is an optional follow up session.

There will be 2 fully trained facilitators on every session. The parent/carers child/children must have a diagnosis of ADHD to be eligible to attend the programme.

Up to 12 participants per programme.

What next?

Please note the child must have a diagnosis of ADHD for the parent to attend.

Upcoming dates for 2020: 

Date: Every Monday from 14th September – 16th November

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm

To be held at 33 Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd, CF37 2BN

If you think this programme could be beneficial to you, please apply below and we will phone or email you to discuss further arrangements.