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And we start again!!

After a typical night of not being able to sleep, anxiety being through the roof, I feel sick, my belly hurts, I don’t like the dark, nobody likes me, wondering the house for hours on end, can you hold me tight, squeeze me tighter to keep me safe he finally gives in and is sleeping more realistically napping 36 minutes and he’s up.  Then we start the day.

I’m not having a shower you can’t make me, the bathroom is too cold the water is too hot, the towel is to prickly, the water hurts my head… crying inconsolably, out and done where did those 30 minutes go.

Breakfast before medication, 2 slices of white toast with no crusts bread, no you can’t cut the crust off it’s not the same. Glass of strawberry milk to keep me calm.

Come on time to get dressed for school.  Boom 💥here we go… I’m not going I hate school, you hate me, it’s not fair!!! Aww look at the squirrel in the tree.  Where, where.  Aww I love the squirrel don’t I mam.  Let’s get your pants on, not pants oddballs boxers mam.  Then clothes in the same order every day, t-shirt, jacket, joggers, left sock, right sock.   Here we go the dam socks get us every day.  As he’s trying to yank the socks off, I hate socks they hurt, throwing himself around the room, while I’m trying to get the trainers on.

Oldest sister come down he gives a hug they have a game of who can take their medication first.  Then middle sister comes down and he gives the death stare.  He starts screaming he can hear her breathing from the other room, then she opens her mouth to ask a question and boom we are off again.  She deliberately winds him up by touching him and coughing in his direction, he’s convinced she’s contaminated him and must wash himself where she’s touched him, yes after the 30-minute explosion of not wanting to wash.

Off in the car to drive to school.

Drop girls off to comp and onto juniors.  Car journeys is fine he’s talking about YouTube and things I have no idea what he’s talking about, but we get there with little issue until he sees the school.

I’m not going, please don’t make me.  I get out of the car he locks the car from the inside, I unlock the car he re-locks it.  I unlock it and pull the handle and the door is open.  He’s squirmed himself into a ball in the footwell of the car, with a bit of manoeuvring he’s on the pavement (in a heap) but we are out of the car.   We guide each other across the road hand in hand whilst his face looks like you are leading him to the gallows, we get the bottom gate he’s heaving and makes himself sick.  We slowly proceeded to the reception door, we chat about anything and everything until we make it to the door.

I get my pen out of my bag and put a cross on his left hand under his third finger, I put a cross on my left hand under my second finger, we high five each other to charge up our crosses, when he feels anxious or stressed he touches his cross to get a hug from me to get himself through the school day.

His teacher arrives at the door and takes him into the school building with his eyes full of tears and a ghostly look on his face, I see him pressing his cross on his hands until he goes through the door into the hall.  Then the wait begins waiting for the phone call from the school.

This is a morning in our life.

How we helpOur Programmes

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For Parents

Early bird plus programme

Early Bird Plus is aimed at parents and carers of autistic children aged five and under nine. The programme combines the supportive dynamic of group sessions with the individualised, one-to-one support of home visits*.

The Early Bird Plus programme consists of eight sessions, each of which are 2.5 hours in length, and two home visits*. Programmes are run for up to six families at a time. Each family is allocated three places on the Early Bird programme: two for parents or carers and one for an accompanying professional.

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For Parents

Early bird teen life programme

Teen Life is a six-session programme for parents/carers of young people aged 10 to 16 years on the autism spectrum.

Programmes are run for up to six families at a time. Each family is allocated three places on the Teen Life programme: two for parents or carers and one for an accompanying professional.

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For Parents

Nurture programme: parenting puzzles

The programme is intended to provide adults and children with the understanding, skills and ability to lead emotionally healthy lives, build resilience, empathy, self-esteem and support positive relationships and to inspire positive changes.

The 10-week Nurturing Programme is effective in universal settings and is also used by practitioners to deliver targeted support as part of specialist interventions such as: working with parents in prison, and parents whose children have special needs

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For Parents

Lego based therapy

Lego Based Therapy is a Social development programme for children with ASD and related conditions such as ADHD. It is now used in school settings and is often recommended by professionals as an intervention for children with social communication needs.

We have a 2 week programme to train parents to be able to use Lego Based Therapy at home with their children.

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For Parents

Parent & carer wellbeing programme

Most parents put the needs of their child first.  Parents of children with Additional Needs have even less time and energy to focus on their own physical and mental health & wellbeing.

CBS aim to shine the light on parental mental health and alleviate some of the problems by offering parent led respite activities, specialised counselling and wellbeing workshops, such as, relaxation techniques, yoga and mindfulness addressing stress and anxiety.

Parents’ Guide to the Galaxy – A six week long series of workshops and information sessions to encourage parental self-care and emotional well-being.

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For Parents

Early intervention behaviour programme

This 6-week programme, aimed at parents who have children with behaviour that challenges and have no diagnosis.

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For Parents

The Parent Factor in ADHD

The Parent Factor in ADHD is a 6-week programme for parent carers who have a child diagnosed with ADHD.

The programme starts with a pre-group meeting which allows the group participants to meet with the facilitator. This serves a number of functions, but most importantly it gives parents the opportunity to talk (as much or as little as they wish) about their experiences, including any concerns they may have.

Participants then attend a weekly series of six, two-hour long sessions. Each session has specific aims and is led by a CBS facilitator.

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For Schools and Organisations

Mission Incredible! – Teacher training package

A specialised training package designed to give teachers and teaching assistants key skills and techniques for coping with children with additional needs.

This training package can be tailored to the specific needs of each school.

Schools Programmes are free this year, thanks to external funding. Please contact CBS to discuss your needs. 

For Schools and Organisations

Restorative approach programme – Linking parents and schools

We offer a Restorative Approach Programme, building a bridge between parents with children with additional needs and their schools to support a positive relationship and mutual understanding.

Schools Programmes are free this year, thanks to external funding. Please contact CBS to discuss your needs.