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A day in the life of autism…

I’m not ready

It’s time to wake up I lay in bed waiting for mammy or daddy to come with my warm milk. I love this part of the day I like bounce on my bed scream really loudly wake everyone up including my big brother.

My mammy lets me rest in bed until I’m ready to get up but sometimes without warning she brings me downstairs and I see my school clothes it’s that day again. Why doesn’t she listen to me I’m not ready yet? I’m not ready to get dressed my brother does it with no problem but me I can’t help it my frustration gets the better of me. The floor the wall or my mummy is the 1st place I can reach out to head butt over and over

Please listen mammy I’m not ready to go yet.

I can see the stress in her face, but she keeps calm kisses me and tells me good boy you’ve got dressed

My Shoes go on. GO GO she says but I’m not ready. Why is she rushing me? I love the car ride and the school yard. Oh, how I love to play in the mud I can see people looking at me while I post stones down the drain. Why are you not doing it?? Stop looking come and play.

That bell rings everyone rushes NO NO not now mammy I’m not ready.

In I go she leaves me in this bright room full of noise, but the bubbles calm me down

Time to go home. I’m not ready that was fun, but mammy is waiting.

She takes me home I don’t want to go home I want to stay out, but she doesn’t understand me maybe if I throw myself on the floor even head butt again, she will understand.

I’m not ready I want to play.

It’s getting darker I know it’s time for bed but I’m not ready

Mammy and daddy lay with me sing songs

But I’m not ready I bounce scream laugh

Why don’t they understand I’m not ready yet?

How we helpOur Programmes

For Parents

Early bird teen life programme

Teen Life is a six-session programme for parents/carers of young people aged 10 to 16 years on the autism spectrum.

Programmes are run for up to six families at a time. Each family is allocated three places on the Teen Life programme: two for parents or carers and one for an accompanying professional.

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For Parents

Nurture programme: parenting puzzles

The programme is intended to provide adults and children with the understanding, skills and ability to lead emotionally healthy lives, build resilience, empathy, self-esteem and support positive relationships and to inspire positive changes.

The 10-week Nurturing Programme is effective in universal settings and is also used by practitioners to deliver targeted support as part of specialist interventions such as: working with parents in prison, and parents whose children have special needs

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For Parents

Lego based therapy

Lego Based Therapy is a Social development programme for children with ASD and related conditions such as ADHD. It is now used in school settings and is often recommended by professionals as an intervention for children with social communication needs.

We have a 2 week programme to train parents to be able to use Lego Based Therapy at home with their children.

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For Parents

Parent & carer wellbeing programme

Most parents put the needs of their child first.  Parents of children with Additional Needs have even less time and energy to focus on their own physical and mental health & wellbeing.

CBS aim to shine the light on parental mental health and alleviate some of the problems by offering parent led respite activities, specialised counselling and wellbeing workshops, such as, relaxation techniques, yoga and mindfulness addressing stress and anxiety.

Parents’ Guide to the Galaxy – A six week long series of workshops and information sessions to encourage parental self-care and emotional well-being.

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For Parents

Early intervention behaviour programme

This 6-week programme, aimed at parents who have children with behaviour that challenges and have no diagnosis.

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For Parents

The Parent Factor in ADHD

The Parent Factor in ADHD is a 9-week programme for parent carers who have a child diagnosed with ADHD.

The programme starts with a pre-group meeting which allows the group participants to meet with the facilitator. This serves a number of functions, but most importantly it gives parents the opportunity to talk (as much or as little as they wish) about their experiences, including any concerns they may have.

Participants then attend a weekly series of six, two-hour long sessions. Each session has specific aims and is led by a CBS facilitator.

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For Schools and Organisations

Mission Incredible! – Teacher training package

A specialised training package designed to give teachers and teaching assistants key skills and techniques for coping with children with additional needs.

This training package can be tailored to the specific needs of each school.

Schools Programmes are free this year, thanks to external funding. Please contact CBS to discuss your needs. 

For Schools and Organisations

Restorative approach programme – Linking parents and schools

We offer a Restorative Approach Programme, building a bridge between parents with children with additional needs and their schools to support a positive relationship and mutual understanding.

Schools Programmes are free this year, thanks to external funding. Please contact CBS to discuss your needs.